most of the world’s poor live in countries where tourism is a growth industry.

Most of the world’s poor live in countries where tourism is a growth industry. The issue is that tourism does not benefit the poor. How can the income generated by tourism benefit the poor? And how can we ensure that tourism does not destroy traditional culture and ways of life?

Tourism is a growing Industry across the world. Often, this is growth is in the countries that are still developing. Means a larger part of the population still live in poverty, and so people feel that tourism is not beneficial to these people. This essay will highlight that way to both the problems with useful solutions.

Income from the tourism can be used to help the poor people. There are number of ways to benefit these people. Like direct and indirect way. First, Income can directly shared by employing poor people into the tourism industry. This means that the income thay can take straightforward to their families and vindicated to poor community. Second, indirect way the money from the tourism can be beneficial to poor is by reinvestment in support services and facilities. For example, installed the health care camp, food fair or reducing the fare on public transport. Due to this tourists would be more contribute to support poor local people.

However, As the profite produce by tourism may bring concerns over the damage done to traditional culture and way of life caused by tourism. One change may ensure that tourism does not destroy traditional culture. To make focus on traditional culture in tourism industry. Means introduced traditional culture to tourists, that they can enjoy local traditional, food and culture, so preserving these things will be avail both tourism industry and way of life in that area. In addition, it could be an great experience for tourists that they would like to visit again.

In conclusion, Engaging the local people, particularly those from the poor background, can be decimate penury from the country, and also advantageous to poor people. Same time assist in the preservation of traditional culture, with sensible approach these problems can be easily removed.

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