<![CDATA[Académie Sutherland]]> http://www.academiesutherland.com <![CDATA[Académie Sutherland]]> http://www.academiesutherland.com Académie Sutherland 2019-06-26 Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[The co-recipient of the 2014-15 Réal Gaboriault scholarship presented at the Harvard Medical School in Boston]]> Raymond Lord, specialized massage therapist and passionate of fasciatherapy, recently presented four case studies via a poster presentation at two major international conferences.

In September, thanks to the contribution of the Réal Gaboriault scholarship Raymond presented his poster at the 4th International Fascia Research Congress near Washington DC and attended about thirty conferences / workshops. The aim is to nurture understanding of multiple aspects of fascia with of scientific rigor and to promote collaboration between the scientific communities, medical and clinic.

The scientific committee has positioned his studies in three of the fourteen categories:

1) Special considerations in fascia: Fasciatherapy to positively support children with learning disabilities;

2) Cancer and fascia: Fasciatherapy to minimize the symptoms of burning hands in chemotherapy patients (study under a contract in oncology at Granby Hospital);

3) Manual therapy and fascia: Fasciatherapy to improve flow after angioplasty of the jugular veins of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and Fasciatherapy to relieve trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasms.

Raymond explains: "Dr. Tom Findley, a pioneer in the field, wrote to me:" You have a very interesting poster" and invited me to present it at Harvard because he specifies: "I think people there will be very interested in your project".

In November, Raymond presented his poster to an unprecedented event in integrative medicine, that is the first joint conference in acupuncture, oncology and fascia at the prestigious Harvard Medical School and attended eleven leading conferences. The goal being to synthesize the clinical and basic research that highlights the importance of fascia in cancer biology and biomechanics role of body treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and stretching, and this, in a global even integrated approach of health promotion and cancer prevention.

Raymond explains: "Thanks again to KC for recognizing my leadership via the scholarship. It helped to improve and have the privilege of speaking to several researchers, oncologists, nurses and therapists interested in relieving their patients with fasciatherapy that I practice. My fascia is still bubbling and for a long time!

"It is a great pride that invaded all the Kine-Concept team to see one of its graduates perform such achievements and this is exactly the aim of the Réal Gaboriault scholarship", says Daniel Turcotte, co-founder of Kine-Concept Institute of the Canadian Centre for Research on Touch (CCRT). More than a century has passed since the father of osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still has put forward the hypothesis, to say the least visionary, to the effect that there would be a connection between cancer and fascia. Daniel Turcotte concludes: ''Get our sincere congratulations and thanks for this important step for massage therapy and osteopathy! We are very proud of you, dear Raymond.''

Do not miss Raymond Lord’s presentation of Tuesday, January 26, 2016, where he will share his experiences and we will update the new knowledge on fascia and this, in a context of integrative medicine (in French).

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[ASOQ comes to an agreement with BMO on a very attractive financial aid program!]]> Sutherland Academy strives to facilitate access to training at a cost - and terms of payment without interest - both affordable for students and for maintaining the highest standards of its programs.

In our vision, quality means, among other things, highly skilled and experienced teachers, an educational committee whose goal is to ensure the continuous improvement of curricula and teaching methods, programs accredited by competent bodies and 100 % independent from the Institute, hospitality services 7 days a week, premises organized to foster learning and partners who work with us to create jobs for our graduates.

Despite considerable efforts to promote and facilitate financial access to our training, some of our current and future students need a helping hand; partial or full financial assistance to start or continue their education.  We therefore announce an agreement with BMO, which provides access to financial aid at exceptional conditions! Here's a foretaste:

• Access to a line of credit for students. The agreed rate is the prime rate (currently 3 %) + 1 % or 2 %.

• The balance can be paid up to 1 year after graduation.

• Cost of borrowing lower than that of a student loan - interest charges are levied only on the amount you borrow and you pay no annual or monthly fees.

• During your studies and one year after you graduate, you can only pay the interest. If you prefer, you can repay some or all of the money borrowed on your line of credit to students at any time without any penalty.

The St-Hubert branch (a few meters from the Academy) is the closest one for our students. It is also possible to apply for a loan by phone. Here are two persons authorized to help you:

Maria Di Iorio (St-Hubert and St-Zotique) can be reached at 514-277-7344.

Loretta Cianci (Jean-Talon and Langelier) can be reached at 514-255-0317.

The Customer Contact Center: 1-800-665-9665.

We thank the Bank of Montreal for the trust they place in us and our students and graduates. Massage therapy is now recognized as part of the health field. This BMO program is offered among others, to students in medicine, physiotherapy, dentists, pharmacists ... and now students in osteopathy, massage therapy and naturopathy. These approaches are in demand and will be more so in Quebec where people are living longer and longer and are looking for a high quality of life.

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[Sutherland Academy establishes a meditation program at school for the teachers!]]> More and more studies confirm that meditation has beneficial effects on mental and physical health and improves learning abilities following even a short meditation.

It is in this context that the Sutherland Academy has developed a conscious active meditation program to be first implemented for its institutes' managers and teachers. This is Phase 1 of the program that we plan to offer our students from September 2014.''We are fortunate to have in our staff of experts a teacher of conscious breathing, Benoit Tremblay, who is a respiratory therapist and trained in massage therapy. He developed his own actualized approachc to bridge the gap between scientific and traditional knowledge in terms of breathing and meditation. He teaches in Canada, France and Switzerland as much in the medical community, alternative and complementary (MAC) medicines, as well as in the artistic or athletic fields. He is therefore highly qualified to guide our teachers who, in turn,

will help our students to maintain or achieve better health and also reduce the stress of the everyday life'' ads Daniel Turcotte, President institutes .

''This strategy is used in several colleges and high schools on the U.S. west coast and in schools scattered around the San Francisco Bay, twice a day, the classroom becomes a place of outer and especially inner peace. As an institute we have the responsibility of providing our teachers, students, graduates and staff with applied knowledge to allow them to be happier. This program responds to this need essential to every human being'' says Turcotte.

''Studies confirm that young college students having meditated on a daily basis during classes have recorded the highest levels of happiness in San Francisco. In addition, many students experience less stress and depression and greater self-esteem than non-participants in this program! School results are also significantly increased compared to those who do not meditate. We will be able to validate this information during 2015, because the Canadian Centre for Research on touch ( CCRT ) will study this approach'', concludes Daniel Turcotte.

Sources:and David L. Kirp , professor of Public Policy at the University of Berkeley.

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[Sutherland Academy is proud to have sponsored the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Games 2014!]]> Last January 24, 25 and 26, the 2014 Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Games (OTPT Games) were held, the largest in America to which the Sutherland Academy participated as the main sponsor. Hosting was the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Laval University, and the games were a success with over 1000 participants from Quebec and Ontario.

It was an opportunity for Daniel Turcotte and Sylvain Magnan, administrators of ASOQ, of establishing links with students with a passion for health, university environment and potential employers of the Institute's graduates.

Student representatives from six Quebec universities and one from Ontario met at the PEP of Laval University for fun and compete in a friendly atmosphere. Different teams battled through events that were both fun and showed the physical qualities and teamwork spirit of participants. Kine-Concept hosted the most popular game: Bubble football!

"We were in tune with the mission of this event, since it was intended to optimize exchanges between students who, throughout he event, participated in a multitude of sports, intellectual and social events and mingled with their future colleagues, in a spirit of friendly competition. Sylvain and I have witnessed leadership qualities, teamwork and energy of the participants", says Daniel Turcotte, president of the Academy. "It was also a great opportunity to connect with these communities and the Quebec and Ontario Academic networks with the aim of collaboration and exchange. Being authorized to issue CEUs by SOFEDUC, our schools will become an important source of continuous training for these professionals", says Sylvain Magnan, Vice-President for Development at ASOQ.

Sylvain made a fiery speech carrying an interdisciplinary vision of different health professionals, including massage therapists, osteopaths and naturopaths who proudly represent the Complementary and Alternative Medicines.

We thank the organizing committee and especially the President Bastien Garon and Vice-President Anne-Sophie Paquet, as well as volunteers and 1,000 participants for their warm welcome. “An important step has been taken in bringing closer the formal approaches and complementary and alternative health medicines, which foresees a more interesting future, "says Daniel Turcotte.

We congratulate once again the winning team, that of McGill University. It will host the 2015 edition of the event, which will take place in Montreal.

From right to left : Sylvain Magnan, Daniel Turcotte, the representative of Mcgill University with the trophee of the winner.

The administrators ASOQ with a few proud representatives of McGill university.

  Transfer of the event flame from Université Laval to MgGill University.

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[A surge of solidarity for our homeless citizens of Montreal]]> December 24 2013 at 3 p.m. Berri UQAM metro station.Outdoor temperature: -20C with the wind chill factor. This year, twenty people gathered around this action to offer a bit of warmth and comfort to our fellow citizens who live on the street. Teachers from our institutions and families, students, graduates, Spa Street’s volunteers, were present. The emotion was palpable on the eve of Christmas.

''Everyone has lovingly prepared nourishing and nutritious food and brought warm clothing for the homeless,’' says Daniel Turcotte, president of the Sutherland academy. ‘' But above all, our presence was meant to offer them support, human warmth and listen to them, because they sometimes have a lot to say about their life, their career and what has led them to the street. What is striking when listening to them is the solidarity they have among them. How many times have we heard: ''At the moment, I 'm not hungry. Keep this food for someone who really needs it.'' This is all the more touching and awareness-raising that most of them do not even know if they will have anything to eat for the next meal,'' adds Sylvain Magnan, vice president of the Academy.

Before our eyes, humans get drunk, needle themselves or smoke crack … you never get used to such scenes. Others admit to having stopped drugs and cling to life. Our presence seems to do them good. Obviously, it certainly makes us feel good … for we seemed useful to them, if only for a few hours. For us it’s always the same question: how can society let people on the street, whereas all it would take is a few tens of millions of dollars to build rooms for some 20,000 Montreal homeless and give them the care they need.

''Meanwhile we spend billions of dollars to purchase destructive weapons for wars and for the benefit of who knows who or what,’' says Daniel Turcotte. ''It seems cliché as affirmation, but it remains that it is in large part for lack of money and human resources that a society leaves human beings on the street,'' he said.

Sylvain and I thank all the participants from the bottom of our heart, and see you soon for other
Street Spa solidarity actions ...

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[The Académie Sutherland d'Ostéopathie du Québec (ASOQ) is now able to train osteopaths as recommended by the World Health Organization's (WHO)]]>

We are proud to announce that after many months of consultations and hard work, the Académie Sutherland d'Ostéopathie du Québec (ASOQ) is now able to train osteopaths as recommended by the World Health Organization's (WHO).

"The fact that we are able to offer the WHO program from A to Z is very important for students who chose and still choose ASOQ for their vocational training in osteopathy. Not only are they making a wise choice, but they are in an environment where it is easy to get an equivalence studies in the event of recognition by the Office des professions. Nobody knows the exact content of a future osteopathic training program recognized by Quebec, but everything seems to match the profile of the WHO, "says Daniel Turcotte, ASOQ President.

"It does not affect the formation of our current students and our graduates, since the Sutherland Academy profile training integrates and is perfectly in harmony with that recommended by the WHO. Following the complete profile of the WHO is not at all a requirement," he says. Since its founding nearly 15 years ago by renowned osteopath Guy Voyer, DO, the ASOQ continues to improve its training programs, while remaining true to its vision of a global osteopathy. Unfortunately, in the majority of countries where the profession has been recognized, osteopathy is denatured, fragmented, and thereby lost much of its original essence. "We hope that Quebec will have the wisdom not to fall into the same traps and that recognition will be in compliance with the foundations of osteopathy and the color of each school," said Daniel Turcotte. "This is keeping in mind the osteopathic tradition while defending a modern vision of this art as we reflected on our training programs. In addition, we believe it is important, out of respect for our students and graduates to be at the vanguard and innovate, especially in the context of recognition of the profession in Quebec," he added.

"For all these reasons and more we invite anyone interested in a high-level training in osteopathy to consider L'Académie Sutherland d'Ostéopathie du Québec," says Daniel Turcotte. All those who wish to have their academic record analyzed to determine now, with the help of an independent evaluation committee of the Academy, possible equivalences and / or missing courses to meet the WHO standards may contact the Registrar of ASOQ at: info@academiesutherland.com.

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[Sutherland academy offers, in collaboration with Queen's University in Kingston Ontario, high level anatomy courses on corpses, in English!]]> QUEEN's UNIVERSITY is wellknow to have facilities for anatomy training on cadavers fixed or plastinated specimens. The continuing education sessions are held at the University's Laboratory of Human Anatomy, and will bring the professional to further his knowledge. Reminders and updates about the anatomy of various systems and devices will be made during the demonstration on corpses or plastinated specimens.

"Many of our te
achers have already completed courses in anatomy of this kind in other institutions and they are unanimous: it is a unique experience that is worth living!" Says Daniel Turcotte, co-founder and president of the Kine-Concept Institute. "When we explored the human body in this way, we no longer see one's therapist work the same way and the 3-dimensional understanding that this experience gives us is exceptional. While considerable effort is made in class to give a 3D vision of the human body by visual and tactile means, the experience of seeing and touching the same structures within the human body brings another dimension and exceptional integration , "he adds.

"Those who fear being in the presence of corpses will be surprised to find out that the craze for anatomy quickly takes precedence over fear. In addition, the teachers, leaded by Craig Harness, M.Sc., RMT and DO,are experienced anatomists who know how to make you feel comfortable in this wonderful learning environment. They will also answer all your questions in relation to anatomy," says Daniel Turcotte.

The first of a series of courses will be offered on August 24 at a cost of 185 $ per participant.

Date: Saturday, August 24. 2013

Time: 9 a.m. To 4:30 p.m. (pause between noon and 1:30 p.m.)

Theme: Anatomical structures (muscles, vessels, nerves, viscera, etc.)

Note : The number of entries is limited.

To register, contact one of our counsellors at 514.272.5462 or 1.800.610.5463 or info@kineconcept.com.

NOTICE - PREGNANT women must notify the instructor upon their arrival at the laboratory. Special equipment will be provided.

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[The Académie Sutherland d'Ostéopathie du Québec was accepted as institutional Member of SOFEDUC!]]>
It is with a great pleasure that I announce to you today that, thanks to the work of every member of the team of the Academie Sutherland d'Ostéopathie du Québec who worked toward excellence, the Academy was accepted as institutional Member of SOFEDUC. It means that hereafter, we are authorized to issue UCE (units of continuous education), just as universities, CÉGEPS, colleges and other trainers having satisfied the criteria of recognition by this independent organization, and we are bound to respect SOFEDUC ten quality norms. 

Lets recall that the Society of training and continuous education (SOFEDUC) was founded in 1988 and its mandate consists in accrediting organizations qualified in issuing units of continuous education (UCE) answering quality norms of high level, similar to those used in the United States by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[Kiné-Concept acquires l’Académie Sutherland d’ostéopathie du Québec]]> Kiné-Concept acquires l’Académie Sutherland d’ostéopathie du Québec

Montreal (Canada) —February 1st, 2010

Kiné-Concept, one of the largest massage therapy schools in North America, finalized an agreement on January 30, 2010 which allowed them to acquire Académie Sutherland d’ostéopathie du Québec.

Founded in 2001, the academy has built an exceptional reputation thanks to the quality of their exclusive program and the professors judiciously selected for their competence, experience and pedagogical qualities by M. Guy Voyer, founder and pedagogical director of Académie Sutherland.

‘’With this acquisition, Kiné-Concept reinforces their position in the Health and Well-being sectors while the complementary and connected expertise once again confirms us as the leader in our field in Quebec’’, announced Daniel Turcotte, president and co-founder of Kiné-Concept.  “We believe that this is excellent news for everyone interested in training in osteopathy, our students, graduates and all Health care professionals searching for additional skills and interested in a career for the present and the future.  We are very proud to welcome Académie Sutherland to Groupe Kiné-Concept and to pursue our insatiable quest for excellence”, he added.


“This is also excellent news for the current students of Académie Sutherland, who will be able to continue their training in one the most interesting environments.  In addition, this will ensure for Académie Sutherland, a most promising future and continuity in their training programs” says Patricia Simard, who has occupied the position of president until today.

“The acquisition of Académie Sutherland d’ostéopathie du Québec represents an excellent opportunity which will allow us to substantially improve on our available services and to now serve an even larger clientele in the sector of professional health care training in general and massage therapy in particular” concluded  Daniel Turcotte.


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Académie Sutherland <![CDATA[Lets help the flood victims in Pakistan!]]>  

Inundations made millions of victims in Pakistan and it's impossible to be unmoved by their sufferings. The monsoon's rains caused serious inundations in this country, killing more than a thousand persons and provoking severe damages covering an area identical to that of Italy. More than 20 million persons are affected by this disaster and rainfalls should intensify during the week. 


The victims of Pakistan need each one of us and we should not rely exclusively on the help of our governments. Everyone can do something. We therefore ask everyone to bring clothes and non-perishable supplies at the reception of Kiné-Concept and to deposit them in boxes identified for this collect. Solidarity does not have any borders...  


Thank you beforehand for your contribution, so modest it may be.

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