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Twinning, one of the conditions for success!

The six years of training at the Sutherland Osteopathy Academy represent many challenges. It's the reason that we set up a program of twinning ,which main objectives are to raise ambition, the level of success and help our students help each other and to persist in their higher education and succeed.

This program consists in twinning, at the very least during the first 2 years of studies, new students to ancient ones; a student with a godfather or a godmother. Nobody is better placed to understand the new students' reality that those who went through the challenges and insecurity of the arrival in a new frame of study; the previous years students.

Objectives and principles

Every new student has access to a godfather. It's possible for a godfather to have more than one student to accompany, but it should remain an exception.

The role of the godfather or the godmother is to assure :
- A moral and psychological support (recognition and encouragement)
- A technical support
- A methodological and scholastic support (punctually).

The godfathers will be inevitably be second a year program (or more) student and Academy's graduate.

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