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Program Registration

The candidate must forward to us:

His Curriculum vitae (general and professional training) ;

A letter explaining shortly, but clearly your motivation to follow a training in Osteopathy ;

A letter explaining your personal plans :

a) In the short term (during training)
b) In the medium term (after training)
c) In the long term (in 10 years)

Two identity photos (passport format)

A 100.00 $ check (nonrefundable registration fee, but it will be applied as annual registration fee for the first year of training, if the student is accepted in the program) to the order of Kiné-Concept Inc. / ASOQ.

Forward to:
Quebec Sutherland Osteopathy Academy
Admission office
760, Saint-Zotique East Street
Montreal (QC)
H2S 1M5

After analysis of your documents, if your candidacy is accepted, you will receive a letter of approval to the program. The future student must then:
Confirm officially one's registration with the Academy by returning the signed registration form ;
If there were modifications to bring (coordinates change, payment modification), they will have to be made with an Academy advisor. A new form will then be sent to you by the advisor ;
After the reception of your form, you will receive documents that will allow you to be ready for your first seminary as well as for the first year of program.
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