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  • Who is Guy Voyer DO?

Born in Paris, Guy Voyer travels the world since the age of 6 months. Throughout his childhood, his family moves every 2 years to follow his father in the course of his professional assignments. Far from traumatizing him, these numerous moves allowed him to develop his sense of adaptation and to make numerous friends in several regions of France and the world.

From the age of 8, he draws models of large gymnasiums where he already dreams of becoming a great trainer, physical therapist and a sport coach. And it's what he accomplished, becoming in turn professor of physical education, physio-therapist, having numerous medical specialities, among others, in sport medicine, traumatology, medical psychology, physical medicine and manual therapeutics. But it's in osteopathy and the research of training techniques that he will find his passion.

An objective : transfer his knowledge
After his studies in osteopathy, he concentrates his researches on understanding and treating fasciae. He is today one of the rare osteopaths who masters and treat fasciae. That's why his challenge is of training others.
His two main center of studies, research and transmission of knowledge are today :
- osteopathy through the treatment of fasciae, entrails, pelvis' axis, hormonal chains, draining, senses organs, etc.
- somatherapy through the physical and sports training based on anti-backache techniques (ELDOA), myofascia stretching, analytical muscular reinforcement, selective proprioceptions.
Academic profile (summary) -
- Osteopath D.O from Ministerial Training College - Sheffield (1974).
- Alumna of MTA (Robert Bénichou) from 1978 to 1980.
- Alumna of the European School of Osteopathy - Maidstone (G.B) 1978 to 1982.
- PhD in Medicine (Boise,Idaho - USA) 1979.
- Diploma of the Academy of applied sciences for works in Osteopathy and in Physical Medicine (1980).
- Diploma in Biology and Sports Medicine of the Marseilles Faculty of medicine (1981).
- D.O (Distinction) of the Chartered Society of Homeopathic and Natural Therapeutics (1882).
- In charge of consultation, Sport medicine regional center (PACA) 1982 to 1984.
- House doctor in Medicine at the center of Functional Re-education of Valmante (Marseilles) from 1982 to 1986.
- University diploma in Sport traumatology of the Marseilles Faculty of Medicine of (1983).
- Inter-university diploma in Manual and orthopedic medicine of the Marseilles Faculty of Medicine (1989).
- University diploma of the Marseilles Faculty of Medicine in Locomotion Pathology linked to the practice of sports (1990).
- University diploma of Juridicial Reparation and Damage Prejudice(1991).
- University diploma Physio-pathology applied to physical exercise (1992).
- Capacity of Hydrology and Medical Climatology - Marseilles Faculty of Medicine (1993).
- Part-time lecturer at the Marseilles Faculty of Medicine (Hydrology and medical climatology) from 1993 till 1996.
- Osteopath D.O of the College of Osteopathic Studies - Montreal (1999).
- Osteopath of the Sutherland Academy- Montreal (2001).
- Osteopath D.O of Federal European Registry of Osteopaths (FERO) (2004)
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