• Admission
  • Financial aid

Different forms of financial aid are possible, depending ton one's situation. Several institutions offer financing programs. The future student will have to himself take steps with one's financial institution, to know their admissibility as well as conditions applying to their situation.

See also the student loan section.

The Academy offers you two options:

Pay at the beginning of each of seminar or

Establish a calendar of monthly payments spread throughout the year. This option is given to you without administration fee or interest.

It is also possible to pay your courses with one's RESP, as part of RESP (Registered Education Savings Plans) program.

Student loan

Thanks to a partnership between the Academy and the Caisse Populaire Desjardins De Lorimier, our students, future students and graduates of the Academy have access to a personal service with an adviser of the Caisse.

A program of attractive loans, comparable to the governmental program, is now available for our students as well as a full range of products and services adapted to the reality of students and newly graduate.

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