• Admission
  • Requirements

Our vision of osteopathy is one who is meant to be global and centred on knowledge and its integration in practice. The Quebec Sutherland Osteopathy Academy (ASOQ) trains osteopaths able to choose among a panoply of techniques and cleverly apply these techniques.

Our admission requirements and criteria rest on the spirit, that William Garner Sutherland, one of the fathers of osteopathy, wanted to instill into this approach since he was journalist and it did not prevent him from acquiring knowledge that made him a pioneer and an incontestable pillar of osteopathy. As he was driven by a strong motivation to learn, he became an accomplished osteopath.

To hold a related diploma is therefore not a precondition to take a training at the Academy. However, the student having little knowledge in basic science will have to provide an additional effort.

If the passion for Osteopathy is strong enough, success is possible! Numerous students have achieved it to his day!

At the ASOQ, we assess competences at the exit and not at the entrance.

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