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His founder, Guy Voyer, DO

At first professor of physical education and physical therapist of formation ,he then specialized in sports medicine, traumatology, manual and orthopedic therapy, in dietetics and nutrition as well as in physiopathology and neuropsychology. His passion for osteopathy then developed. He practiced it since 1974.

His research activities in biomechanics lead him to develop and to improve several methods of auto-normalizations such as E.L.D.O.A, myofascial stretching exercises, analytical proprioception, global postural elongations as well as draining techniques (see section in our detailed program). He also performed researches on fascia allowing him to improve their treatment.

Guy Voyer is an international renowned osteopath. He knew how to integrate the scientific dimension into the traditional osteopathy practice, and still does.

Founder and pedagogic manager of Academies Sutherland (Quebec, Toronto and Marseilles) he is also called to give trainings in New York, Miami, Paris and elsewhere in the world.

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